Good sleeping!!

Okay, I'm not saying this is going to happen all the time or anything. (I don't want to jinx it). But Saoirse slept through the night for the last two nights!! 9.5 hours Monday night and 7.5 hours on Tuesday. What a miracle. And Rowan didn't do half bad herself, about 6-7 hours each night. Grandma and Grandpa Haack were visiting for a few days. I really think it makes a huge difference when the girls have more attention during the day, which is tough when they're alone with me. It's tough to get two babies down for naps throughout the day. Of course, they're also just getting to the age where they don't have to eat quite as often.

In other news, Rowan is hilarious, she smiles and laughs A LOT. She's super-active, like her dad, and wants to be in an upright position almost all day. She wants to sit up and stand with support, she's very strong. No laying back and chilling for her. Saoirse has discovered rattles, especially the kind with clear plastic and little tiny balls that rattle around inside. She'll stare at them for sometimes up to an hour. (Amazing how tired your arm can get holding up a 2 oz rattle for that long).

Hope all of you have a good Labor Day. We'll be at the beach!

Pool time

Hey everyone,

Last weekend we went to my parent's aparment for the first time. We wanted to see if the girls would like a pool as much as they seemed to like the lake. (Ok, maybe I wanted to swim a bit too) It was a good weekend overall. We found really cute swimsuits for the girls and took them to the kiddie pool. They were a little overwhelmed by the sun, but overall, I think they like water, which is good, because its one of my favorite things in the world.

Unfortunately, when we took Saoirse to her orthopedic appointment, her foot was turning too much, and she had to get the cast put back on, so no more swimming for her. It looks like she will probably need surgery in the future, but we'll see.

They still aren't sleeping more than a few hours at a time, but we are still getting help and hanging in there.


We went to the cottage this weekend. It was the second time the girls have been there, but the last time they were too small to attempt going in the water. But on their 12 week "birthday," they went in. It was a little overcast, and not terribly hot. But they seemed to enjoy it. Saoirse had actually been having a fussy day, but she was calm in the lake. Chris is pretty happy, since he loves the water. I think he was afraid he was going to get kids like me, who don't like getting their face wet.

Enjoy the pics...


Check out this video.It cracks me up.