Happy (early) birthday to me. :)

Today my best birthday present ever came in the mail. I don't say that lightly, because I've gotten some great birthday presents. But today I got a new camera. A very nice, digital SLR camera. I've been coveting one for a few years now, but they're not cheap, so it's been put off. But no more! :)I didn't get much of a chance to play with it today, but here are a few tries. I LOVE this camera.

more of what they do when I'm not looking


We're ready for a great season!

A peaceful moment

There are so few quiet, peaceful minutes in the day with toddlers. But this was a sweet one. Seeing them getting along always makes me smile.

Chris's birthday

Yesterday was Chris's birthday, and the girls had fun helping me make a cake with sprinkles. They pretend to put sprinkles on almost everything, and get really excited when they really get to use some. They also really enjoyed helping Daddy eat the cake after dinner at Charlie's.

On our shopping trip the day before yesterday, both girls chose cards for Daddy. (Rowan chose one with two turtles, Saoirse chose a race car) While we stood in line to pay they talked to the woman behind us, telling her, "Daddy's birthday tomorrow!" For a minute, I wondered if it had been a bad idea to let them in on it, wondering if they would tell Chris when he got home about the cards they decorated, the cake we were making, the homemade breakfast scones. It's the first time they could have done that. Just recently they've started telling you what they did that day. They didn't tell, though, so we managed to surprise him.

My favorite part? They kids went to bed pretty early (and easily) and let Mom and Dad spend some time alone together for his birthday. Sweet.

now that's what I'm talking about...

Tonight after dinner I let the girls have one cookie each for dessert, and told them they could eat in on the back patio. They sat in the couch out there and ate while I watched them from the window. No fighting, and when Saoirse moved to their little picnic table she said, "Rowan, join me!" And Rowan did. Super cute. Then they finished, I let them in, and they took off running for the stairs yelling "Bath time!"

Chris said, "Yeah, now this is the kind of parenting that I've been looking forward to. Maybe if we just stay here they'll give themselves a bath."