Merry Christmas, hope yours was lovely!

Christmas tree shopping

Can't believe 2010 is almost over. We're preparing for the holidays.

Halloween 2010

We had dinner with our friends, then trick or treated together. It's so much better as a mob. Fiona stayed and handed out candy, Rowan and Saoirse were out for a half hour or so. Rowan loved the ghost costume, but it was really a disaster. She couldn't see well, it slipped all over. Chris was all...well, it worked in Charlie Brown. Yeah, maybe the fact that they were cartoons helped. I guess the fact that she liked it and got to be what she said she wanted is what counts.

This and that...

Just another Sunday morning doing dishes for Chris:

We're covering the basic food groups around here:

This warms my heart. My girl, "reading" while she walks:

5 months old

No one was terribly happy about this photo session, but I managed to at least document that it happened.

Yes, she's 5 months old.

Fall, take 2: That's more like it. :)

Fall...even though it doesn't feel like it

Fiona says, "What have we been up to?"

Well...we made a trip to the orchard with Rowan and Saoirse's preschool.

Which turned into an apple pie making adventure. Sorry, no photo of the finished product, in my rush to eat it I forgot. And it wasn't very pretty. But it did taste good, to everyone but Saoirse. She was disappointed, it turns out she doesn't like apple pie. Bummer.

Just enjoying fall. And some football. Go Blue!

Look who's 4 months old!!

I know Fiona. It IS really exciting.

Do you think Rowan and Saoirse MIGHT be getting a little sick of getting their pictures taken? This is Day 3 of preschool.


Well...preschool, two afternoons a week. But it's a big change for everyone. Here they all are on the first day.

Even Fiona is psyched. Yay! A little one on one time with Mommy.

3 months

Fiona is three months old!!

And, as an aside, I am really feeling the limits of my skill with a camera. The only classes I've ever taken were focused on black and white film (which I LOVE). But for speed, instant gratification, and color, I can't really beat digital. So I'm working on it. But man, I am frustrated with the difference between what I see in my mind and what I can actually make the camera do lately.

With subjects like these,'s hard to go too far wrong.

Soaking up the last bits of summer

Knowing that we were going to have a new baby this spring, I thought that we should just prepare ourselves for a summer of hell. I know, I'm such an optimist. But I didn't really remember the massive sleep deprivation from the first time around fondly. I don't do well with lack of sleep. Instead, the truth is...this summer has been awesome. And we're trying to enjoy every last minute.

So we've been spending time at the library, escaping the heat:

Eating lots of summer fruit:

Sleeping more than I remember from the first time around....

wearing pretty dresses to go to tea with fairies:

eating cupcakes:

and just generally loving our newest member as much as humanly possible:

Gorgeous girls :)