Dad here. Just realized its been a really long time since I posted, so I thought I'd write a few words.
Its been a weird few months for me. I've been off work now for 4 months. I think I will be signing a contract soon, so everything should be fine, but I have been stressed out worrying about my family. Just like Gwen feels the pressure to be "mom" and do everything for the kids, I feel the pressure to be "dad" and provide for them. When that ability is challenged by whatever circumstances occur, a man can start to question himself. Luckily, I have a wonderful support group.

First, I have to thank Gwen. I have totally destroyed her routine (and anyone with children knows how important routine is) by being home. The kids are constantly asking for me and acting badly because I let them get away with too much. It makes a hard job even harder on Gwen. Through it all though, she has been very supportive and helps me keep going.

Second, I have to thank my parents, grandpa John and grandma Donna. They have been there for me and my family everytime I have ever asked for their help. In the beginning, they came to our apartment every weekend. And even now they go way out of their way to help. They have been going to Cleveland most weekends to renovate a house and even though it is out of their way, they come by our house a lot to see the kids and help out. Just two weeks ago my mom took a week off of work to come take care of Rowan and Saoirse by herself so that Gwen and I could go to an interview in Wisconsin. I don't let them know often enough just how much I appreciate their support. Those are a couple pictures of my mom with the kids. They really love their grandma. Grandpa too, but I have to get some more pictures of them together. My bad.

Finally, thanks go to my in-laws. Grandpa Brian and grandma Betty have been wonderful. We stay at their house frequently and have left Rowan and Saoirse with them many times and I've never worried about them.

I am not sure if its true that you need a village to raise a child, but having the kind of support I do, makes raising twins so much better. Thanks.

Happy St. Patrick's Day!

Luckily, Rowan was feeling better today, so we could have some fun. It was gorgeous, around 70 degrees. We went to music class in the morning, then after nap took a walk to campus. We had some ice cream at Stucci's, hung out on the Diag, and checked out all the fun student silliness for the holiday. Lots of green, lots of beer, music on the Diag, even an Irish step dancer. I totally want the girls to take Irish dance lessons, and I pointed out the girl to Chris and told him that's going to be our daughters someday. Irish step dancing on a bar somewhere for shots. I'll be so proud...;0. Chris says it's ok with him, as long as they can hold their whiskey and tell the jerk buying the shots to get lost at the end of the night.

Sleeping it off

Rowan got a bug this week, and spent most of Monday morning sleeping on the couch. Poor baby.

But Grandma, Easter is still a month away....

The girls got an early Easter present from G and G Haack.

His name is Jack. (Rabbit, get it?) They love him. I think he's cute, but am not as thrilled about pine shavings on the floor and cleaning up even more poop than I already did. For now, though, they have their first pet.

Guitar hero

Rowan and Saoirse really love Daddy's new hobby. Chris has been taking guitar lessons, he learned to play a song this last week for the first time. First song: Good Riddance.

I feel like time is flying, and I don't even know where to start. I could write a book each day describing the girls, and the funny or cute or new stuff they're doing. And the next day I'd have to do it all over again.

Their relationship with each other is evolving. Yesterday Saoirse wanted Rowan to play with her, and she came over to where Rowan was standing and grabbed her hand. She pulled her along, saying "Walky! Walky!", which is what they say to us when they want us to follow them. They are so used to sharing and taking turns that they have started enforcing that themselves. They initiate trades with each other if they want something the other has. If I had one of them a cracker, they hold out their hands for another one for their sister. Their high chairs sit near each other, and they routinely trade food or cups throughout their meals. It's amazing to me how well they have worked out what belongs to which girl, even when I think they both own it together. We have stuffed kittens, and each girl knows that the ginger colored one is Saoirse's and the Siamese one is Rowan's. The "mouse cookie" book belongs to Rowan. Apparently my mom's cat Maggie belongs to Rowan, because she loves her more. Froggie is Rowan's. They know which rocking horse goes with which girl. Funny to see their preferences becoming clearer.

The girls learned about tools this week at Grandma and Grandpa's house, and now they go around "fixing" everything. Yesterday they spent about 20 minutes taking turns putting plastic coins in a play cash register at Rita and Noah's house. It's always fun to take them to new environments like that, to see what they gravitate towards. It's easy to forget how fast they're changing when we stay home too much.

Saoirse loves puzzles:

I love it when Rowan walks like this, with her hands behind her back.

Here's an example of them taking turns, in this case riding Daddy's guitar case and using it for a Hotwheels ramp:

Waiting for Grandma and Grandpa to bring home pizza: