It has been a great few weeks lately. The babies are growing into real people right before our eyes. They recognize each other now and smile when they see each other. Saoirse rolls over now and Rowan is rolling from her back to her front in either direction. They are starting to grab for things and can even hold things for a short time. I think Rowan is going to be a trouble maker when she gets older. She cries if we are giving too much attention to her sister. Poor Saoirse sits quietly and patiently for as long as she needs too. But when I pick her up and Rowan sees us, she stares and tries to get my attention. She even tried to steal a toy from Saoirse's hand the other day.

Saoirse is doing better with her brace. She isn't crazy about it, but seems to be handling it better.

They just had their 4 month check up and vaccinations and our doctor told us they are not considered premies anymore because they are totally on the normal chart and have caught up. Rowan weighs 12 pounds and Saoirse weighs 11 lbs. 11 oz.

It is blowing my mind how much they are starting to progress. Still, they aren't sleeping through the night yet, but they are gettting close, I think.

Daddy got to play his first soccer game since before the babies were born. The girls came for the first match. They didn't seem to like the bright sun that much though.

Can't wait to see what they do next!

So proud

This happened two weeks ago. After watching our friend Keith's blog and seeing his child roll over, I have been waiting for it to happen for us. When I put Rowan on the ground, she almost went right over. I ran and got the camera and it was suprising to me how much pride welled up in side of me. That's my girl.