Toddler beds

Guess whose beds got converted this weekend? No more cribs, since Daddy caught Saoirse with her leg over the railing.

Uncle Evan's home from Jamaica!!

Yeah, Saoirse's shirt says Jamaica, too. But she doesn't want you to see it.

Playdates with Reema

This actually happened a couple of weeks ago, but I left my camera at Reem's for a while, so I couldn't post it. We had a fun time listening to some music, sharing lunch, and playing with our friends. For ten years I've been waiting for these days, to see Reem's and my kids playing together. Life is good.

Getting ready for Sareena's wedding

A couple of weeks ago, while I took a shower after my morning run, the girls were entertaining themselves in our bedroom/bathroom. Apparently while I was in there, they found a brown pen/marker that I use for journaling. Rowan drew all over both girls, and a book I left by the bed. I was impressed that they kept it so neat, to be honest, since they were sitting on my bed while they drew and there are only a couple tiny marks on the pillowcase. Taking their pictures before I scrubbed it off them, I was reminded of these old photos of Reema and me.

Apparently the girls are really excited for Sareena's big day. In about 20 years. Or maybe they're planning on an Indian wedding themselves? Milin and Rohin, I'm looking at you, don't try anything...;)

I have a blog?!

Oh right. That's right. Posting. The girls. Preserving family memories, blah blah blah. I forgot.

We've been having the usual busy summer. We went to the lake for the 4th of July. Rowan had her first s'mores, which she loved as much as you would expect. Saoirse loved the fireworks, I can still hear see her grin, eyebrows raised, saying, "See dat?!" after every burst. Awesome. I've seen a lot of fireworks, but out on the pontoon in the middle of the lake, surrounded by other boats, and having fireworks going off from houses all around you had got to be the best.

We also made a trip up north, spending some time in Traverse City with great friends. The group is growing all the time, this time there were 8 adults and 9 children 5 and under. The girls had their first sailboat ride, which they loved. They spent a lot of time in the sand.

Then we hit Mt. Pleasant for a wedding. The girls had fun, and enjoyed the night in a hotel a lot too. We got an upgrade on our hotel room because the room we reserved wasn't ready yet, and our room had a huge jacuzzi tub right next to the beds. When we walked in, both girls ran to it yelling, "Bathroom!!"

And here are the girls, being cute with ponytails. Aren't they getting big?