Dads are different

This is why it's good to have two parents. One might be the kind of parent(like me), who would never think that this would be a great game. :)

We love our table!

And we like eating like big girls! Thank you Auntie Reema and Uncle Bav!!


We finally had one day hot enough, on a weekend, to make it to the pool. Last year the girls were cautious. They liked it, but they were still a bit unsteady on their feet, and the water seemed deep to them. (2 ft. max) This year they were crazy about it. They can walk all through the kid pool without it being too deep. They're brave enough to not need us to hold their hands all the time. And this time, even when they fell in the water and got their faces wet, they just coughed for a minute and kept going. In the end, we had to drag them out of the water after 2 hours. They were purple and shivering, but they wanted to keep going. Let's hope the weather lets us get back there within the next month or so, huh?
Oh, and for Reema: Saoirse wore those glasses in the pool. She wouldn't take them off.

More sister love...

Lots of snuggling around here, it lasts a couple minutes before Rowan starts yelling, "Much!!" Poor Saoirse.

Our saving graces

As they have been on so many other occasions, Grandma and Grandpa were a huge help this week. They took us in, and entertained Rowan while Saoirse got extra attention for being sick.

Saoirse and Rowan enjoyed seeing the lake, and riding on Grandpa's boat.

Back in G.R., here they are watching Nemo with Grandpa:

And here they are in their new big girl beds at Grandma's. Too cute.

Days 3-7 early optimism was somewhat unwarranted. On the 2nd night Chris was home, both girls woke up around midnight and I took them back to bed. No one slept much after that. The next day was not fun. We were all very tired and cranky. I was hoping for a better night, since they were tired out, but no such luck. At some point during the night, I decided to take Saoirse to the dr. in the morning, because she felt hot. 

So, Wednesday morning, we went to the pediatrician's office instead of the playdate at the petting farm we had planned. When the nurse got a look at her throat, she said it looked "terrible." She had strep throat. So we went home with a prescription. Although when I say "home," I mean Grandma and Grandpa's place, because it was time for some reinforcements. A day later, Saoirse was covered with a rash, and it turned out she was allergic to the antibiotics. So new meds got added. 

This has been an extremely long week. Chris comes back tomorrow. In the 8 days he's been gone, we've had some major tantrums, fevers, kids piled into mom's bed, a dr's visit, strep throat, med allergies, and a rash. What we have had not nearly enough of is sleep. 

Day 2

Most of the day today went pretty smoothly. It rained all morning, which is pretty normal around here for the last month. So we were stuck inside again. After breakfast we read books, drove some cars around, diapered a dozen baby dolls or so, discussed where Daddy was several million times, and played with some Playdoh.

Then came Rowan's naptime, which is one-on-one time with Saoirse. We put together their new Elmo table from Auntie Reema and Uncle Bav (big hit). Then Saoirse got clingy and insisted on being held on the couch for the next 1.5 hours until Rowan got up. No sleep. Oh no. Just holding.

After Rowan woke up, we hit the mall. There were a couple things I needed, and we all needed to get out of the house. While we were there, we had dinner out. The girls were really good, actually. And Rowan ordered something in a restaurant for the first time. When the waitress came around at the beginning, she held out the sippy cup to her and asked for "lemon," which means lemonade. She's catching on to this restaurant thing.

Bedtime was not smooth. Rowan melted down screaming and asking for Daddy. No amount of explanation was working. Getting her in her bed seemed impossible. So both girls are sleeping in Mommy's bed right now, and it wasn't easy getting them to sleep there, even. Let's hope they sleep, at least. For now, we all miss Chris.