This and that...

Just another Sunday morning doing dishes for Chris:

We're covering the basic food groups around here:

This warms my heart. My girl, "reading" while she walks:

5 months old

No one was terribly happy about this photo session, but I managed to at least document that it happened.

Yes, she's 5 months old.

Fall, take 2: That's more like it. :)

Fall...even though it doesn't feel like it

Fiona says, "What have we been up to?"

Well...we made a trip to the orchard with Rowan and Saoirse's preschool.

Which turned into an apple pie making adventure. Sorry, no photo of the finished product, in my rush to eat it I forgot. And it wasn't very pretty. But it did taste good, to everyone but Saoirse. She was disappointed, it turns out she doesn't like apple pie. Bummer.

Just enjoying fall. And some football. Go Blue!