Don't ya just love winter

The first snow fall came and I think the girls liked it. They couldn't tell me despite my insistance they "use their words". They are babbling like crazy though and it is very cute.
Unfortunately, winter also brings unwelcome things. Our girls have their first colds. Saoirse got it first, now Gwen and Rowan have it. Their isn't a much more pathetic sight in this world than a crying, stuffed up baby with a running nose. Saoirse way of dealing with this was to scream at the top of her lungs all night long for three nights in a row. I think Gwen and I got about 8 hours of sleep combined for three nights. Luckily, the cavalry arrived in the form of Gwen's mom, so tonight at least there is the promise of sleep.
Enjoy the pics. Cheers!

6 month checkup

The girls went to the pediatrician this week, it's considered their 6 month checkup even though they were more like 6.5 months. They loved playing with the crinkly paper on the table, which is good because the wait was kind of long. They got more shots, which was not fun. At least Rowan didn't get a fever after the shots this time, I was not looking forward to it after the last set. They have definitely grown, Saoirse weighed 14 lbs and Rowan is 14 lbs, 8 oz. They're the same length (24.25 inches), so Rowan is definitely our chubby girl. Love those cheeks...:)