Big talkers....

Wow, time flies. Every time I sit down here to update, I'm shocked at how long it's been. Well...what can I tell you? The girls are growing like crazy. They have now gotten the hang of holding their own toys. They reach out for stuffed animals, us, their rattles, all sorts of stuff. And it goes in their mouths. Saoirse is a serious drooler, so this new ability to get everything in her mouth makes things pretty messy. Also, they are more aware of each other all the time, which is really adorable. This morning while I was playing with them both on their Baby Einstein gym, Saoirse flailed her hand close enough to Rowan's face to interest her. So Rowan grabbed Saoirse's fist with both of her own hands, pulled it into her mouth, and started sucking. It doesn't bother them at all to be handled like that, it's pretty funny to watch.

I would say that biggest change lately is how much they're trying to "talk." Of course, they always made noises (especially Rowan). But now you can tell that they're really trying to communicate. They'll lie in your lap, look in your eyes, and just "talk" away, working so hard to shape their mouths into new sounds. I love it, I can't imagine how entertaining it's going to be when it's real words.