Happy Thanksgiving!

Wow, a whole month. Time flies. Every day the girls seem to do new stuff these days. Rowan sits up on her own now, which makes us nervous thinking that crawling is coming soon. Saoirse can sit for a few seconds, but the brace does slow her down. She's still wearing it full time, but that will probably be reduced to sleeping hours only soon. She will love that, she gets so excited when her feet are free. Both of the girls seem to have really discovered the brace lately, they both untie the laces on the shoes. Rowan tends to be jealous of whatever Saoirse has (toys, attention, etc...) and sometimes she stares at the brace when we're putting it on like, "Why don't I have shoes?" If she only knew how good she has it...

Saoirse and Rowan have had kind of a big month since we last wrote. They stayed with Grandma and Grandpa Haack while Mom and Dad went to New Orleans for an ophthalmology conference (and some much needed rest). They had a great time getting spoiled. After a week at home with Mom and Dad, we're all back up North for Thanksgiving. The girls went to Clare for the first time, met some cousins they'd never seen before. Lunch at Aunt Loretta's was fun and crazy with four babies 12 months and under.

To answer a few frequently asked questions:
1. No, they still do not sleep through the night. Not even close. Someday we hope it will happen. Before they go to college.
2. They did not dress up for Halloween. No one trick or treats in our neighborhood, and they don't live close enough to anyone to visit. So...next year will be their first Halloween.
3. No, they're not eating solid food yet. The plan is to start next month, when they hit their corrected age of 6 months.

Enjoy the photos!!