The girls latest tricks....

Rowan is constantly amazing us with her determination to get around on her own. She insisted on being upright and being held standing up from the time she came home from the hospital. She seems determined to walk ASAP, watch out when she succeeds...:) I thought everybody might like to see her latest achievement. This was a week ago, she's gotten even better at it now.
Saoirse's favorite new thing is eating solids. (that's using the word "solid" pretty loosely). Over Christmas break we started introducing pureed fruits and vegetables, and then grains. Rowan's pretty skeptical, not a huge fan of eating solids. But Saoirse took to it like she's been doing it her whole life. The only food we've tried so far that she refused was peas..oh well. But apples, bananas, sweet potatoes, peaches, oatmeal, rice...she loves it all. Here's a picture from last night, Grandma Donna is feeding her apples.