Going on a week

Sooooo, comcast sucks. So does Verizon. And At&T, Dish network and Direct TV have inferior products. None of this is really news to me since I have been dealing with these companies for years now, but I am starting to get pissed off. We live in Ann Arbor, a fairly modern progressive town that is by no means rural, yet comcast cannot seem to find our house. It is supposed to take 24 hours for them to determine serviceability for a house that is not in their system. I called them on June 27th. The request didn't go in until June 30th, and yet they still don't even know if we can get their service. I have literally called every phone number I can find for comcast on the internet. I keep getting automated service that asks for my phone number (I use a cell with a NYC area code) or an address (which is not in their system). It eventually spits me out in Chicago. They can't help me so they send me to a "local" comcast number but they don't know what to do with me either. And for the life of me I can't figure out why their customer service people can't talk to their service people. I mean, they have no way of communicating at all. They just put in a service request and sit and wait. If a job is not done or done incorrectly, they just put in another service request. I went through some of the same crap at our last address. The only way these morons can stay in business is because they have a monopoly. We should open up every market to allow more than one cable company to exist so that customer service becomes something these guys work on. By the way, never call a customer service help line. Always call their new subscriber line. Wait time is zero vs. 20 minutes for current customers. Fucking absurd.
Anyway, we still don't have internet so Gwen can't post.
The kids are doing great. Saoirse is walking all over the place. They really like their new home and clearly understand a lot of english. When we talk to them now, they listen (if they feel like it) and respond accordingly. It seems simple, but its amazing to see things finally connect.
Last weekend Gwen and the kids spent the 4th with their grandparents and uncle Blake and aunt Katie. They really loved the water, which is great, cause I do too. Unfortunately, I was on call, so I stayed home, but I can't wait until next time.
In the meantime, here are a few pictures I pulled off an old email. Goddamn they were small.



July 8, 2008 at 8:08 PM

It's wild looking back at old pictures of the kids.
I could go on and on about why the peeps in ann arbor can't figure things out, but I won't. Let's just say it has something to do with the university~