My babies

Sleeping has been rough around our house lately, so in an effort to wear the girls out I took them outside for a few hours this afternoon. First we ran some errands, went baby shower shopping for the twins we're anxiously awaiting (along with Auntie R) in October/November. Then we got hot cocoa and scones at Sweetwater Cafe and sat outside and shared the scone. Rowan and Saoirse charmed some passersby, of course, and ate blueberry scone like it was going out of style. Then we headed on over to campus and the girls got to run around for a while in the courtyard by the League and the MLB. Saoirse fell about a thousand times, and she scraped her knee again. I had to wash the blood off in the fountain, which caused Rowan to have a major tantrum when I would only let her stick her toes in the fountain rather than going swimming. While we were there, Rowan decided she wanted to push the empty stroller herself, which she's never done before. I had it sitting on the grass, so I didn't think she would be able to move it. But she used the bar that holds the basket underneath and just dug in her feet and it worked. It was hilarious watching her pushing this huge double stroller around, she's so teeny. Maybe it's time for a doll stroller?
A couple other funny things lately:
The other day I was taking a shower and drying my hair, so the girls were in the bedroom/bathroom with me. While I was drying my hair, I heard some thumping from the bedroom, so I thought I better check it out. When I went in there, both of the girls were lying next to each other on the floor, lifting their legs into the air and then kicking them down hard, flopping around and giggling at each other.
Rowan has started sharing food with Saoirse in their highchairs. For a while now they have wanted their highchairs next to each other in the kitchen, so they can reach each other's hands. They also sometimes grab the other girl's tray and pull themselves around with it. (Both chairs are on wheels) But in the last couple of days I've noticed that Rowan has started handing Saoirse food sometimes. Chicken, a couple days in a row. At first I thought it was just stuff that she didn't want, but then I noticed Saoirse pointing to her tray and whimpering, and Rowan just handed over what she appeared to be asking for. So I guess it is genuine sharing.

They really don't seem like babies anymore. Now I know what moms mean when they say...well, but they'll always be MY babies.



August 9, 2008 at 9:14 AM

That is so sweet that they're sharing food. I love the image of her pushing around the huge stroller! maybe you can get her those twin dolls and the double stroller that goes with it.