We have gotten more snow this year than I can remember since I was a kid. Maybe I just think that because we're homeowners this year, because shoveling definitely highlights the frequency of the snow. Today Chris had to do some serious shoveling, and the girls and I bundled up and went out with him. It was the first time the girls had been out for days, because the temperatures have been so low here lately that they've been warning of frostbite danger. Today it warmed up into the teens. Rowan experimented a little, seeing if the piles of snow along the path to the door would support her weight. It was mostly powder, so the answer was no. Her hands plunged into the snow, followed by her head. She took it pretty well. They ran around until I was concerned about how red their cheeks were, then we went inside and warmed up with their first cocoa. They've been obsessed lately with cocoa, because we have this book about snowmen at night, and in it the snowmen drink "ice cold cocoa made by snowman mothers." They had never had cocoa, but they apparently liked the sound of it, because for days now, they run around asking for "cocoa, cocoa!" So, sippy cups of cocoa it was.

The girls are more fun every day. They chatter nonstop, repeat everything they hear, and are turning into little girls before our eyes. They are really into being twins right now, they definitely see themselves as a unit. For instance, when I gave Rowan her cup of cocoa this afternoon, she reached and pointed for the other cup, pointing to "sha-sha". Rowan didn't start drinking hers until Saoirse had one too. When I put one in the highchairs, she points to the other chair. When they sit on their potties, they point to the other one. This evening when I came upstairs with Rowan she found their babies in baskets. She picked up both, then held one out to me, saying "sha-sha." I had to call Saoirse up to join us from downstairs, because Rowan would not chill out and play until Saoirse got that baby. They want their highchairs close enough to touch, so that they can hand each other food that they think the other one needs, or get what they want. They know what they like best and what the other one likes best. Saoirse passes Rowan toast, for example, and Rowan passes Saoirse eggs. Of course, don't get me wrong. They have also learned the word "Mine" recently, and they use it a lot. This morning Rowan wanted some of Saoirse's eggs, and was reaching for them. Saoirse moved her pile of scrambled eggs to the other side of her tray, out of Rowan's reach, covered them up with her hands, and repeated Mine!" gleefully while Rowan whined. But overall, I think they're getting along a little better lately. More negotiation, and a little better delayed gratification.

We're getting excited about our first family vacation together. We leave next Saturday for Mexico, and we'll be gone for a week. We're renting a villa with two other families. I think some time on the beach (and in the pool) sounds like just what we all need. I can't wait to see the girls in Mexico! :) The fact that they have passports at age 1 is so funny to me, I didn't get my first one until I was 16.

I'll post some pics later, my camera battery is charging.



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