Dad here. Just realized its been a really long time since I posted, so I thought I'd write a few words.
Its been a weird few months for me. I've been off work now for 4 months. I think I will be signing a contract soon, so everything should be fine, but I have been stressed out worrying about my family. Just like Gwen feels the pressure to be "mom" and do everything for the kids, I feel the pressure to be "dad" and provide for them. When that ability is challenged by whatever circumstances occur, a man can start to question himself. Luckily, I have a wonderful support group.

First, I have to thank Gwen. I have totally destroyed her routine (and anyone with children knows how important routine is) by being home. The kids are constantly asking for me and acting badly because I let them get away with too much. It makes a hard job even harder on Gwen. Through it all though, she has been very supportive and helps me keep going.

Second, I have to thank my parents, grandpa John and grandma Donna. They have been there for me and my family everytime I have ever asked for their help. In the beginning, they came to our apartment every weekend. And even now they go way out of their way to help. They have been going to Cleveland most weekends to renovate a house and even though it is out of their way, they come by our house a lot to see the kids and help out. Just two weeks ago my mom took a week off of work to come take care of Rowan and Saoirse by herself so that Gwen and I could go to an interview in Wisconsin. I don't let them know often enough just how much I appreciate their support. Those are a couple pictures of my mom with the kids. They really love their grandma. Grandpa too, but I have to get some more pictures of them together. My bad.

Finally, thanks go to my in-laws. Grandpa Brian and grandma Betty have been wonderful. We stay at their house frequently and have left Rowan and Saoirse with them many times and I've never worried about them.

I am not sure if its true that you need a village to raise a child, but having the kind of support I do, makes raising twins so much better. Thanks.