Playdate at Sarah's

Rowan and Saoirse had fun again today playing with William and Katherine. Here they are in the "little house." Between the playhouse and the 3 kitties, I don't think they really ever want to come home.

Today was a bit cloudy, and it sprinkled in the morning while we were talking about going out. (You can see it made an impression on the girls, they chose their own footwear). It also meant that all day long they sang variations on "It's raining, it's pouring! The old man is snoring!" As we drove over, I listened to Saoirse sing this, "Pouring..pouring...go to sleep...close your wake up 'til morning."

We've been working on manners a bit lately, and today I got a little illustration of what they're grasping of it. While playing with a water table, Saoirse grabbed a measuring cup out of Rowan's hands.
Rowan: (whining dramatically) Please no take it! Sha-sha give it back to me!
Saoirse: (holding it out of Rowan's reach) Say please!
Rowan: I did say please.