7 months

Oh by the way....someone turned 7 months old just before Christmas. I tried hard to get photos without a finger in her mouth, but it was almost impossible. She thinks her sisters are hilarious these days, their dances and silly faces are one of the few things that get actual belly laughs out of her. She's also very ticklish. She's learning to eat solid foods, although she still seems a bit skeptical. So far, pumpkin has been her favorite food. Also sweet potato and applesauce, sometimes even mixed together. She sits on a blanket on the floor and plays with toys for longer than Rowan or Saoirse ever would as babies, we are always amazed. She remains a mama's girl, although she's pretty clearly madly in love with her sisters and her daddy as well. Unfortunately, as I write this she's sleeping pretty fitfully next to me, as she's struggling with her 7th or 8th cold in her short 7 months with us. Man, she gets colds often. Poor baby.

Just for fun, here's an outtake. This is what I get when I sit down and try to take good pictures of all three girls. Lots and lots of shots like this, with the occasional good one thrown in.