12 days old....

Too much has happened since they were born to go into everything, but here's a brief overview:
Rowan was on a CPAP machine to help her breathe for quite a while it turned out that she had a PDA (a duct in her heart that failed to close at birth). It was making it harder for her to breathe. The doctors gave her a 3 day course of Indomethicin (an NSAID) and as of yesterday it was closed. We're keeping our fingers crossed that it stays, because worst case scenario could be surgery to repair it. Since it's closed, she's been much more comfortable, breathing pretty well, and her little personality is really coming out. It's the same as I knew inside..she's a wiggle worm. She's definitely going to keep us busy when they're at home. Chris and I finally got to hold her last night for the first time, and she did seem to like getting out of her bed. Any day now we're going to try to start feeding her, and if the way she attacks her pacifier is any indicator, I should be very afraid...;)
Saoirse got off the CPAP machine within a couple of days, and the nasal cannula followed soon after. She's been breathing on her own for a week or so, although in the last few days she's had a few spells where she slows down. We think she's getting too comfortable, and her doctors are starting her on caffeine to keep her a little more alert. She's been sucking down bottles every three hours for several days now, she's at just under 1 oz per feeding now. Last night we got to try breastfeeding for the first time, and she took to it like a pro. Of course, she's so small that she tires easily, the bottles are still necessary to keep her gaining weight. We're hoping to be able to switch over entirely by the end of June (when she should have been born).
Mom's doing okay, (although she may have an infection from the surgery, it turns out). We're adjusting to the schedule of work, chores, and hospital visits. We're starting to feel like veterans at the NICU, when new people come in now we're glad we're further along than that. We've already put in 12 days there. We're anxious for them to be home with us, though.
The pictures at the top are from the last few days. Saoirse is on the top, Rowan on the bottom.
More soon....


  Seema Rathi, MD

May 24, 2007 at 9:06 AM

I'm so glad your beautiful little girls are doing well. I'm looking forward to meeting them! Strong work on the blog. Love, Seema