Back to reality

Mexico was awesome. Chris and I just kept saying to each other..."Why haven't we done this before?" We rented a villa on the Caribbean with our great friends Kate and John (from NYC) and their son Cooper. Cooper's the same age as the girls, and blonde. They looked like triplets. Ever since we left, the girls have been asking for "Coo-poo" (Saoirse) and "Coop" (Rowan). They sing, "Coopoo bye-bye" in the backseat when we drive.
Rowan and Saoirse were not so sure about the sand when we first arrived, they didn't like it sticking on them. They got over it fast, and spent the rest of the week begging and clamoring to go outside. Mostly we left just screen doors closed, which the kids could open, and let them run around freely. Whichever adult was around watched them. "Uncle John's fun time" was pretty popular. Thank the lord that the daddies have so much energy. We had dinner at some fun restaurants on the beach, so the kids could run around to their heart's content while we ate. We had "ice cream time," which was 11:00 AM when the ice cream shop in town opened. We had tons of fresh fruit from the farm market in town. Kate and I had a Super-Scrabble battle after the kids went to bed. I went to yoga with Kate. If there were such a thing as kicking ass in yoga, she kicked my ass, and she's 7 months pregnant. And I got a very relaxing massage from a guy wearing a sweatband.
The flight home was...well, the less said the better. But the trip was worth it. Seeing the girls run around naked in the sunshine (with lots of sunscreen on) with their little blond heads all curly from the saltwater was so awesome. Oh, and Chris went snorkeling and saw a huge sea turtle, they live in the water where we were staying. Very cool.

Enjoy the million photos :)

This was our villa, taken from the shore out front:

This was a little French girl Saoirse made friends with. Since they mostly babble, the language barrier didn't really cause a problem. :)



February 5, 2009 at 8:43 AM

Oh my it looks like an AMAZING trip. I'm so glad you had a great time!!!


February 5, 2009 at 8:44 PM

It sounds like a great adventure. I'm glad that everyone enjoyed the trip. Great pictures