Before Chris and I had kids, we used to visit our friends Rita and Noah and get a glimpse of what being parents was like. Milin is 2 years older than Saoirse and Rowan. One of the parts of their routine that we got to share a few times, and seemed like a ton of fun, was bathtime. Playing, splashing, lots of giggling, and then a sweet, clean-smelling, happy baby to cuddle when it's done.

When the girls were babies, I struggled with the clash between what I thought having kids would be like and the reality pretty often. Bathtime was one of those times. For months, both girls cried like crazy in the water. Drying them off was like torturing them. By the time the routine was over, I was sweaty and tired, felt like I had run 3 miles, and was just dying for them to go to sleep. Part of it was a twin thing. Two wet, tired babies is a bit more complicated than one. Part of it was just the illusion that is always there when you see parenting from the outside.

But in the last six months or so, I think we've finally gotten it down. Bathtime is a whole-family routine, and one of our favorite times of the day. Who wouldn't love this?


  Bruce and Carrie

February 7, 2009 at 5:21 PM

How fun! Saoirse seems to having a ball. Those are such precious times. How cool to be able to save it on video. They will love to see them when they get older. Glad to see everybody is doing well. Keep on blogging.
Grandpa Hales and Nana Carrie