I forgot how to do this...

Today Chris left the house early in the morning and only came back for dinner. Now that most of the job hunting stuff is wrapping up, he's spending the days studying for oral boards. So today I was totally alone with the girls for a whole day, without him in the house at all. That hasn't happened much in the last few months. I forgot how long the last few hours are. I forgot how much energy it takes to entertain toddlers without a break, completely alone for so long.

We did, though, have a good day. It was really warm, so we got outside for a run/walk. (I walked, they slept in the stroller) We ran some errands and had lunch together on campus.

Here's the saving grace of staying home with almost two year olds compared to last spring. I was folding some laundry and the girls were in the other room. I went to look for them, and here's what I found: