Day 2

Most of the day today went pretty smoothly. It rained all morning, which is pretty normal around here for the last month. So we were stuck inside again. After breakfast we read books, drove some cars around, diapered a dozen baby dolls or so, discussed where Daddy was several million times, and played with some Playdoh.

Then came Rowan's naptime, which is one-on-one time with Saoirse. We put together their new Elmo table from Auntie Reema and Uncle Bav (big hit). Then Saoirse got clingy and insisted on being held on the couch for the next 1.5 hours until Rowan got up. No sleep. Oh no. Just holding.

After Rowan woke up, we hit the mall. There were a couple things I needed, and we all needed to get out of the house. While we were there, we had dinner out. The girls were really good, actually. And Rowan ordered something in a restaurant for the first time. When the waitress came around at the beginning, she held out the sippy cup to her and asked for "lemon," which means lemonade. She's catching on to this restaurant thing.

Bedtime was not smooth. Rowan melted down screaming and asking for Daddy. No amount of explanation was working. Getting her in her bed seemed impossible. So both girls are sleeping in Mommy's bed right now, and it wasn't easy getting them to sleep there, even. Let's hope they sleep, at least. For now, we all miss Chris.