Days 3-7 early optimism was somewhat unwarranted. On the 2nd night Chris was home, both girls woke up around midnight and I took them back to bed. No one slept much after that. The next day was not fun. We were all very tired and cranky. I was hoping for a better night, since they were tired out, but no such luck. At some point during the night, I decided to take Saoirse to the dr. in the morning, because she felt hot. 

So, Wednesday morning, we went to the pediatrician's office instead of the playdate at the petting farm we had planned. When the nurse got a look at her throat, she said it looked "terrible." She had strep throat. So we went home with a prescription. Although when I say "home," I mean Grandma and Grandpa's place, because it was time for some reinforcements. A day later, Saoirse was covered with a rash, and it turned out she was allergic to the antibiotics. So new meds got added. 

This has been an extremely long week. Chris comes back tomorrow. In the 8 days he's been gone, we've had some major tantrums, fevers, kids piled into mom's bed, a dr's visit, strep throat, med allergies, and a rash. What we have had not nearly enough of is sleep.