Girls' night out

Last weekend our friend Kate, from NYC, came into Chicago for business. She has a little one close to the same age as the girls, and we had dinner with them when we went to New York in September. So she invited me to come see her for dinner and to spend the night in the city on Thursday. Since Chris is busy studying, I didn't feel right about leaving two babies home with him, especially given how Saoirse is sleeping lately (that's a whole other post). So I took Saoirse with me. We've talked a lot lately about finding ways to spend time one on one with each girl, especially as they get older. It's hard to give them a lot of attention when we're all together, I worry about them getting shortchanged. It's also fun for us to just have one sometimes, it's SO much easier. One kid is so much more portable, and easier to keep happy one on one.

So Saoirse got to hang out with Mommy in the big city. We went to Nordstrom's shopping, had dinner with Kate at The Grille, and spent the night at the Westin. Aww...Saoirse's first Heavenly Bed. She was a very good baby, everyone was impressed, I think, when we were out to dinner. She's a night owl, I think she wishes she could stay out until 10:30 every night. Especially if she gets to share chicken pot pie with Mom and try whipped cream for dessert. She loves her food. I loved it too, it made me think of all of the fun trips we have in the future, all the girls' nights out that I have to look forward to with my gorgeous daughters.

Here's our girls' night:

Whipped cream!! Where has Mom been hiding this all my life?