yeah....I'm a procrastinator

Okay, you know how sometimes you have a task to do...and you just keep procrastinating. And then the task grows and grows until it seems impossible...which only makes you procrastinate more? Yeah...that's the blog lately. I think every day about updating. But it never gets done. So I'm going to make an attempt here to catch everyone up on the last month or so.

Teeth: The girls have started teething. They each have three now, two bottom and one top. Rowan really seems to not be bothered too much by getting teeth. They just kind of appear there. Saoirse, on the other hand, was unbearable while she got her second one. Crying and whining and no sleep. Her 3rd one came in only yesterday and didn't seem to bother her nearly as much. It's very strange to see their little mouths with actual teeth, it makes them seem so grown up. It has also changed the way we deal with the next topic...

Food: Purees have been pretty popular, but the girls have decided just lately that they enjoy eating actual solid foods. I make most of their food, so they've been getting quite a variety. Blueberries, peaches, yogurt, broccoli and cheddar cheese, etc...They have a few big faves. I stewed cherries with vanilla bean, pureed them up and mixed them with plain yogurt. Both of the girls went nuts for it, and it required an immediate bath afterwards. They looked like little vampires, sitting in their highchairs. This past weekend we found a new favorite for Rowan. We were having grilled filet mignon and started feeding them teeny pieces of it. Saoirse ate it, but Rowan loved it. She scooches forward in her chair, pats her hands on the tray and squeals for more. And screams if she doesn't get it fast enough. She's turning out to have quite a temper. Hmm...I wonder where that came from?...

Getting around...Rowan is so close to walking I can't believe it. She crawls everywhere very fast, she's into something if you turn your back. She cruises and lets go to balance no-handed for a few seconds at a time. Her balance is really pretty impressive, she squats, kneels, climbs. Saoirse can crawl...but she doesn't want to. Whenever we refuse to pick her up and force her to get herself anywhere, she whines the whole time she's crawling. She had surgery at the beginning of February to release her Achilles tendon in her right foot, and was in a cast all month. It was a tough time for her to have a cast again, while she's trying to get mobile. So we help her, and pick her up, and stand right by her to catch her if she falls. It's funny, because we don't even realize sometimes that we tend to baby her more. Part of that is because of the casts and braces, and part of it is that she cries so pitifully when she falls. Rowan just keeps going.

And our big move...Some of you know already, but we have relocated. Chris took a job in Michigan, with a group ophthalmology practice with offices in Monroe, MI and Toledo, Ohio. Our biggest reason for deciding to go there is that we can live in Ann Arbor. It does mean a commute for Chris, but we've been talking about where to live as a family for all the years that Chris and I have known each other...and Ann Arbor is the one place we both love. We both are really looking forward to living there, and say to each other every now and then, "Can you believe we're really going to live in Ann Arbor? It's really happening." We're in the process of buying a house there, we found a great house that's in the process of being built. So we're working with the builders to customize the house, and we're hoping to get in the house in April. Until then, we are all staying in Grand Rapids with Grandma and Grandpa while Chris takes the month of March off to study. It's a very busy time, lots of changes. The girls have been adjusting pretty well, really. They love the extra attention.

We are all anxiously looking forward to spring, it's tough being cooped up inside with these girls. They need to get outside and play. Also, they struggled with colds and ear infections in January and February, which they of course passed on to me. If there's anything tougher than taking care of sick infant's doing it while you're sick yourself.

okay....I think that's the major things to catch up on. More to come.



March 6, 2008 at 4:09 PM

I am so excited to see the new pictures. I check almost daily! I am happy that you guys will be moving to Ann Arbor too. For some reason it seems closer :) I am still hoping to get down to see you guys soon!! Love Auntie Andi xoxoxoxoxo