J. Lo and Me....

So, did any of you check out the People magazine article and photo shoot this last week of JLo's twins? Yeah, I know all of you want to deny it, but People magazine is a guilty pleasure. So I'm going to assume that at least some of you saw it. Well, you know all those pictures of their life with their one month old twins? Yeah...that's pretty much what our life was like when the twins were teeny. What? You don't remember seeing any photos like that? Well...we only post the ones where we're slumming, we don't want anyone to feel bad.

But the TRUTH is...I spent a lot of time back then lounging around in very expensive silk gowns in tasteful pastels. (And Chris wore color coordinating sweater sets). I did NOT spend most days in Chris's pj's with puke stains on my shirt, pants, in my hair. Oh no, not me. We'd lay the babies on piles of plush blankets and lie there, gazing at them adoringly, never a hair out of place. Our REAL nursery had two gorgeous, very expensive cribs with piles and piles of bedding. That one crib, tucked in the corner of our bedroom, which neither child ever touched for months?...that was just for effect. And Chris and I spent lots of days frolicking around outside with the twins in their huge, multi-thousand dollar carriages which would have held five babies but really just held one each. Yeah, I'd race along with him in my heels and everything...c-sections don't bother me!!

And here's my favorite part...the part about bonding with Marc Anthony over 3 am feedings. Yeah...that's just what it was like with Chris and I. In the middle of the night, we'd be awake together, just loving the fact that our babies wanted to eat every couple of hours and not at the same time. It was so sweet....we never snapped at each other or complained about who was doing what. I never cried from sheer exhaustion. It was just one big lovefest...:) Like the time I turned over in bed, and Chris leaned over and started patting and shushing me without even fully waking up. Or the time I went to go put Saoirse to bed and passed out right along with her so that when Chris came to wake me up to pump he was unable to rouse me even by taking my hand and calling my name. Yeah.....good times. :)

Yep...life with twins. J. Lo and me. It's like looking in a mirror.