A new friend

We visited friends today to see their new son. I hadn't really been around a newborn since the girls were born. I wondered if a full-term baby would seem kind of big to me. I mean, this baby we visited today was bigger at birth than both of my girls put together. But nope, he still seemed SO teeny to me. And it was funny to see the girls with him. It really highlighted that they are toddlers, not babies. For a while, the adults sat in the living room and talked while Saoirse and Rowan both went into the playroom with our friends' 3 year old son and played. Just like that. No grown-ups required. Periods like that are brief, of course. But the fact that it can happen at all seems like a miracle.
Saoirse, especially, loved the new baby. She's such a sweet kid, really. I was surprised on their birthday that both girls hugged and kissed their new babydolls. And Saoirse has been doing that with the doll ever since. But she's never seen a little baby, I didn't know if they would even be interested. But she loved him. As you can see.

Holding one this size seems so easy. :)