You know how sometimes people intervene in Nature, and they think they're doing a good thing, but then it turns out that they didn't really understand what they were doing and really they just should have minded their own business? Yeah...I feel like that with the girls a lot. Earlier this afternoon, the three of us were in the playroom and I had to change Saoirse's diaper. While she was lying there, Rowan crawled over and started smacking her on the forehead. Not hard enough to hurt, but still...I was reaching for Rowan's hand to stop her, and Saoirse cracked up laughing. Apparently she considered it a game, and Mom was just being uptight. They both giggled like crazy.
I make the same error at times over their struggles over toys. Of course, they take toys from each other all the time. They're too young to get that this is a problem. Sometimes it happens right in front of me, and I tell them no and give it back to the original owner. Only, a lot of times, if I'm patient and just watch, they work it out. Either the original one just takes it back, or they just grab something else. Sometimes they essentially trade. I actually have to intervene because someone's crying or about to get injured like 10% of the time. But which 10%?...that's the tough question. Sometimes I misjudge, and when I do...well, Saoirse ends up with bitemarks on her arm. :(



May 4, 2008 at 11:04 AM

I love coming over to your blog!! Your stories always make me laugh!! Love the picture by the way... Your girls are sweet:)