75th percentile??....

So I have a bad mommy confession to make. We got here to A2 in April, and planned on being into our new house by the girls' birthday. Of course, that didn't happen, and we ended up on hold until July. A lot of things got put off in all of the uncertainty. And my natural tendency to procrastinate kicked in...and the girls never went to their 12 month checkup. Finding a new pediatrician, calling, and making an appointment just never got done. I know, I'm terrible. So I finally, at 16 months, took the girls to their "12 month" checkups. The girls waited pretty nicely for the dr to see us.

Rowan weighed in at 20'3", and Saoirse was 21'11". I was surprised, because it feels like there's more of a difference than that. They both measured 31.25 inches. The surprising thing to me was that their weight is still at about the 25th percentile, but their height is 75th. One thing I never expected to have was tall children. Chris is hoping this means there's hope for a basketball player after all. At least a point guard.
I captured this little bit of video right before the dr came in to examine the girls. They had been playing together pretty nicely, and being patient, and then obviously they got a little frustrated.


  Harris Boys

September 29, 2008 at 7:10 PM

hehe...they look SO cute in their diapers waiting so patiently for the pedi!!