Eating habits of the toddler

I think I've written before about the fact that the kids eat a lot of things that I don't think the average toddler does. We take them out to eat pretty often, and I almost never order something off the kid menu. Especially since the kid menu is the same everywhere we go. French fries, chicken fingers, grilled cheese, maybe pizza and spaghetti. I'm bored just reading the kids menu. So we order food that's sharable, and the kids eat off our plates. Let's face it, restaurants serve us enough to feed about 6 children, so feeding two really isn't a problem.

Rowan is a picky eater, in her own way. She has very specific preferences, and they're not always about the actual food. Sometimes it's about how it's served to her. Sometimes she needs a piece of meat cut up, for instance. Sometimes she refuses to eat it unless it's whole, and she can chew pieces of it off herself. Sometimes she allows us to feed her, sometimes we have to stab something with a fork and then hand it to her and let her get it in her mouth on her own. She loves bread in any form. She loves fruit, and yogurt.

Saoirse is definitely not picky. She loves all food, except a few green veggies. I haven't decided yet if this wide ranging appreciation means that she's a little foodie in the making...or if it means she has no taste buds at all and she'll just eat anything. We'll see as she gets older.

These pictures were taken the night of the 11th, their 16th month "birthday." Yes, Saoirse is really eating sushi. Rowan, on the other hand, ate a little bit of the white rice and then started finger painting with Chris's soy sauce.


  Harris Boys

September 13, 2008 at 1:44 PM

gwen...that's great. my boys are super picky when it comes to food. I blame myself a little bit...I didn't try harder when they were younger to try new and diff. foods.


September 13, 2008 at 7:59 PM

That's SO great that they'll eat anything like that. My husband can't wait to take the kids for sushi!


September 17, 2008 at 12:32 PM

You are so right...all kids menus are the same! I love your idea...we are totally doing it!