Little musicians

So this week we went to our first music class all together. I was a little apprehensive about taking both of the babies all by myself. But it went really well. The class is very laid-back about kids walking around rather than sitting calmly, and there's no pressure for them to be participating "properly" so it works out well. Saoirse was still quiet, mostly sat on my lap. She did try to follow along with little movements to the songs a couple times, but she mostly watches. Rowan, on the other hand, loved being able to walk around. She had so much fun, I'm so glad I signed them up. She is so social. At one point the teacher said..."Ok, everybody find someone to cuddle!" Every other kid in the room went back to their mothers. Rowan went and sat on one of the other mom's lap, and she stayed there for the whole song. She sat on a different mother's lap during free play time, and she danced with the teacher during a circle song. I love to see how confident she is that everyone will love her. Everyone seems to, comments about what a charmer she is.

Here's Rowan before class:

Here are the girls together:

Out in the garage on our way to class, Rowan apparently thinks we're going to walk there:

After class we went to Sweetwater again for cocoa and scones. In the afternoon that day we went to campus and played on the Diag. More people for Rowan to try to befriend. What a day!


  Harris Boys

September 20, 2008 at 1:57 PM

whew!! busy day for you and the girls! Isn't it crazy how they are twins, but one is more quiet and one is more outgoing. we are the same way over here. Ethan is my shy, quiet one and Andrew...well he knows no stranger!

glad you guys had a nice time at music class!!