Sister stuff

One of the common things that people talk about with twins is that they always have a playmate. They will entertain each other, keep each other company. A lot of times it has not worked out like that. But as they get older, it does more and more. They pretend to read to each other, both squeeze into the leather chair in the library at least once a day. Occasionally there are shoving matches because the books overlap, but more than not they figure out a way to both fit and still read. They "chase" each other, trade and share toys.

This is a sight I see about a dozen times a day.

The other day they were playing, and Saoirse was "getting" Rowan. In the first picture here, Rowan is still playing along. In the second, she's screaming, "Stop!" (I did save her right after I took the picture.) But a year ago she would have bitten Saoirse. Screaming takes the place of that most of the time now.

And here they are in my bed in the hotel when we spent Monday night in Clare for the funeral. The three of us shared a King sized bed. Out of a long several days, the time spent snuggling with Rowan on one side and Saoirse on my chest while they fell asleep was the sweetest part of the trip.