their grandparents...

And so it goes on. My last post reminds me all over again of how lucky Rowan and Saoirse are to have all of their grandparents, and to have such great relationships with them. Over this last week and a half, they've spent quite a bit of time with family. They especially loved their visit to Grandma Betty and Grandpa Brian.

They got a new tool set, and Grandpa rigged up a cardboard box and showed them how to "fix" it.

And although it's been chilly on and off, they got to spend lots of time outside. They love exploring in the woods behind the house, and they're really looking forward to getting fish in the pond this spring. It was hard to keep them away from the water.

And here they are just looking cute.

Hard to believe they'll be two in only a few days. This week both girls started pronouncing Rowan's name as "Wo-wan" rather than Wo-Wo. They learn new words every day, and constantly narrate our everyday activities. I've been taking them for runs in the morning after breakfast, and it sounds like this, "Squirrel!....Boodie (bird)! Boodie fly!....Truck! Big truck! driving. Lello (yellow) car! ...." I love their talking. Speaking of talking, as I was writing this, Saoirse crawled up on my lap, and this is her commentary on the picture above, "Wowan! Wowan there! No Sha-Sha. Wowan. Steps. Up steps, Wowan. Up steps." It's nonstop, it really is.