time with friends

This last week the girls also got to spend some time with friends. It's fun seeing them get to the age where they can enjoy playing with other kids.

We went to a bounce party for our friends' Milin and Rohin's birthdays. It was a total madhouse, as you would expect with about 40 children between 0-4 playing on bouncy things and eating pizza and cake. The room heated up to about 80 degrees, I couldn't hear myself think. The girls enjoyed themselves, though. At first they weren't so sure about the bouncing. The first time in, Rowan was enthusiastic until we actually got in. Then she started shaking her head, saying, "Much. Much!" And we had to climb back out. They got used to it and started having fun soon, though.

Then we all hung out in Muskegon for an afternoon, visiting Tim and Lisa (and Ava and Abe). The get-together was in honor of Reg and Kerry's visit home with Ella. Very cute. The girls had a lot of fun playing with Ava in the backyard. They loved the playhouses. Rowan spent a long time "cooking" some bacon for Chris and then running over and taking it to him. Saoirse loved "washing" her little play baby in the sink.