So done with this....

I am SO over this temporary housing situation. I know that everyone warned us that building a house is a pain in the ass, but I was optimistic. Remind me of this mother in law was right. :) It's just one delay after another, little details....aaghhh!! We thought we would be in our new house by the beginning of April, and there is no end in sight. I really wanted to be in the house for the girls' birthday, but there is just no way. So we are getting by with almost all of our stuff in storage. Do you have any idea how difficult it is to take care of two 11 month olds without most of the stuff that makes life easier? I know, it's nothing to whine over, people get by with a lot less than we have every day. But it's getting to me.
We don't have high chairs. No, it's worse. We have two very nice high chairs, but they're in storage. The kids get more mobile every day, and we have no way to contain them. Meals have become picnics.

We don't have cribs. We have one pack and play, where Rowan sleeps, and one crib mattress on the floor of our bedroom for Saoirse. The mattress, of course, doesn't keep her in place. So if she wakes up, she can crawl and come try to find us. In the dark, half-asleep. I have found her on the floor, with her head butting against the plant that's near her, trying to go further and crying because she can't figure out what she's bumping into. Frustrating. For both of us.

We don't have about half of our clothes, especially spring/summer ones, because we thought we'd be in the house by the time we needed them. We're without our own dishes, our good knives. Our good towels, our wonderful pillowtop mattress. Our rocking chair that was so nice for putting the girls to bed. We're using things that the housing place furnished us with. I WANT OUR OWN THINGS!! I WANT OUR NEW HOUSE!!!



May 1, 2008 at 8:19 AM

I am so sorry you are stressed... Hopefully you will be in your new house soon:) Your girls are too cute!! I love the picture of them sleeping together!! They look so sweet:)

Debbie (Nestie Disney102399)