July 1, 2038

That's the day that we will make our last mortgage payment. That's right, people. We are HOMEOWNERS!! We had the closing this afternoon at 4 PM. I didn't really believe that it was going to happen until it did. There were several phone calls between Chris and I today, I met Bruno and our agent this morning for a final walk-through and took the girls along. I'm amazed at the loose ends that have come together in the last few days. Of course, there were a few little odds and ends left, like the garage door opener and my darkroom sink. But plans are in place. The closing itself was a circus. We took the girls with us, and the seller's agent was a woman who we had never met before. We really just went through our agent, and went directly to the builders. She's the agent in name only. She was this really loud, chatty Italian woman who spent about half the time we were there dragging toys out of the cupboards and stuff for the girls. This despite me saying about a thousand times, "Really, they'll be fine. They can entertain themselves." She announced to us all that she didn't have any kids of her own, that she just wasn't with the right guy at the right time, and said over and over, "I'm like a professional babysitter." To be honest, I would have preferred that she pay a little more attention to the closing that we were trying to accomplish, and a little less to my kids. She was so incredibly disorganized, we were there almost 2 hours. By the end, I was really working to keep a smile plastered on my face when she was chatting me up.

Nonetheless, we survived!! And now we own a very beautiful house.

Here's the view of the great room from the above balcony

Here's the shower and jacuzzi tub in the master bathroom

Here's a closeup of the tile border on the tub and the faucets

Here's the floor in the bathroom. Love the little glass tile insets!

Here's the kitchen viewed from the great room (and Rowan)

Here's my library :) The wall to your left is all shelves, I took it this way so you can see the walls, I love the chocolate color. And if you look out the front window, you can see the park across the street with playground equipment for the kids.

Here's the entryway, viewed from the dining room. The library door is just left of the area you can see.

This is the master bedroom window. Love the view of our trees in our backyard, and I am so happy with the way the color turned out!

This is the girls' bedroom. It's huge!!

I know, I know, this is a book. But I just love this house. Chris and I are 32, and this is our first house. It felt like we were never going to be done living like college students. I guess we're done now. :)


  Harris Boys

June 27, 2008 at 8:29 PM

wow Gwen, I love everything about your house esp the kitchen. love all the colors and HOW COOL you have a park right across the street...I know where you and the girls will be hanging out. Congrats on your home...best of luck moving in :)

  the schirano triplets

June 27, 2008 at 10:18 PM

oh my gosh, it is gorgeous. i love it!!! congratulations!!! that is really fantastic that you have a park right there too...it will be so wonderful! yay! good luck with the move :)

  linda98ny (nestie)

June 30, 2008 at 9:08 AM

What a gorgeous house! Congrats!