St. Joseph

So yesterday at the closing, the seller's agent was dragging out stuff to try to entertain the girls, right? And she brings out this bag with ribbon and some odds and ends of wrapping paper in there, and they're sitting on the floor playing with it. And then when I get down on the floor with them, there are a few little boxes with plastic figurines in them. I almost cracked up when I saw what was in there, and I had to stash one in my purse to bring home. (for which, of course, I would go to hell if there were such a place)

Okay, I know that there are several (maybe lots) of Catholics reading this right now. (Donna) But seriously, people. Look at this nonsense. Notice how the box says this is "the authentic" St. Joseph. Apparently the foster father of Jesus has been copyrighted in 1992 by the Micklewright corporation.

And inside there are papers that explain what you're supposed to do. The pamphlet goes on at length about how this legitimate practice has been blurred by people resorting just to superstition, burying the statues. But the point is not the burying (although you are supposed to bury him somewhere on the property) it's the asking and the faith. And the Micklewright corporation has made these statues " provide everyone...with the opportunity to personally experience the power of St. Joseph. The sad truth is that, simply because of the overemphasis on burying techniques, many good people are continuing to lose out on the tremendous benefits, which St. Joseph never fails to provide." Yes, that is sad.

There is this caveat, though:
"For this practice to be fully effective, however...sellers must, of course, first do such practical, yet all important chores, as completing all necessary fix-up, properly staging the home and finally, adjusting the price so as to reflect true market value...then...just watch St. Joseph make it happen...!"

I don't want to make fun of anyone's faith. No, that's a lie. I do. I really really do. This is ridiculous. A plastic statue that you say a prayer to and then bury in the yard is not going to help you sell your house!! According to this box, burying it, and focusing on how deep it's buried or where it is, that's just superstition. But if you really believe, and THEN you bury it, it's somehow elevated out of the realm of superstition. And, apparently, if you buy your plastic statue from the Micklewright corporation. Please, someone out there, (Catholics) please tell me I'm not alone here in seeing the absurdity of this and the clear exploitation.

I'd love to be able to organize my thoughts and be more eloquent here. Maybe later. For now, I just had to point this out, because it made me laugh. In a "the world is going to hell in a handbasket" kind of way.


  linda98ny (nestie)

June 30, 2008 at 9:06 AM mother in law wants us to bury one by our house so it will help us to sell it. "It worked for her!" Um, yeah. Of course....I'll give anything a try to get rid of this house!


July 3, 2008 at 7:36 AM

Ironically.. I'm not religious at all, and neither are my parents. But back in the day, my parents got a statue of St. Joseph - we were told your suppose to place it some where in your home to look over your family - then bury it in your yard when you want to sell. Since we've had it, growing up we moved 3 times, each time, we sold the house in less than a week. Once it was the first and only man who saw the house and it was sold! We've even loaned it to friends. Call it luck.. or St. Joseph.. but I think I'll take it. Especially with the housing market right now.. any added help would be nice!

You brought a big smile and some good memories back!