To be fair

Since I showed off Rowan's first pigtails, here are Saoirse's. They lasted about an hour before she pulled them out. Now we know what Chris would have looked like as a little girl. :)

Here's just some of the trouble the girls have already been in this morning. I let them do this in hopes of getting five minutes on the computer. Since I'm right now writing this to the soundtrack of earsplitting didn't work. What there is not a photo of, due to the danger, is the sight that greeted me this morning when I went to get Rowan out of bed. She was sitting on the railing of her crib, straddling it like she was riding a horse. She was clearly contemplating getting down, but hadn't worked up the nerve yet to take the drop. I'm proud and horrified all at once.


  Harris Boys

October 25, 2008 at 8:27 PM

gotta be fair mommy! too cute!