The Arb

So today was the first really hot day of spring '09. It was above 80 degrees and sunny. Chris has been studying full-time lately, anticipating starting work on May
4th. But who could sit in a library all afternoon on a day like today? So he left early and we did our best to wear the kids out. (I mean, we spent an afternoon sharing quality time...)

We went to the park across the street for a while. But we do that every single day that the weather allows, we wanted to get out of our neighborhood. Saoirse wasn't as thrilled with that, because she was really enjoying pushing the whole family on the merry-go-round. If Chris tried to put his foot down to help, she'd run over and shove it up, saying, "NO! On there!" She liked showing us how "stong" she is.

When we convinced her, we headed to the Arb. Of course, Piggy had to go too.

We headed down by the river, and the girls even got to wade a little.

The girls also spent some time picking up pinecones (or "combs" as they call them) and stuffing them through the slats of a bench.

Next time we go to the Arb, I hope the trees have gotten leaves, because it was HOT today and Mommy could have used some shade.

Even hotter tomorrow, we hear. :)


  Bruce and Carrie

April 24, 2009 at 10:11 PM

Sounds like you had a ball with the great weather. The girls are growing so much. Where is Chris going to work? Miss you all. Hugs!!!