a hotel trip...

A couple weeks ago, when the April snow hit here in Ann Arbor (and what the hell is up with that, by the way?), we lost power. It was out for more than 24 hours, and since it was snowing it got really cold pretty quickly in the house. So we went and spent the night in a hotel. One on hand, not living close enough to family to just go to someone else's house when our power is out is a pain. (mostly financially) The good thing is that we get a little mini-vacation, which we all enjoy.

We spent some quality time in the pool while we were there. The girls are getting braver all the time about the water. Rowan wanted me to hold her hands on the side of the pool and let her "jump" in, dipping her about chest deep. Then she'd say "Out!" and I'd lift her back up. We did this for about a half hour, until my poor back protested too much, and we had to quit. Then she went to Chris in the water.

The last picture is the next day, when we were back in our house. I just thought Rowan looked too cute in her pigtails. :)


  Reema Beri

April 20, 2009 at 10:16 PM

Does Rowan have the remote stuck up her leg? :)