Cookie Mouse at story time

There's a whole series of books that the girls love. If you give a mouse a cookie. If you give a pig a pancake. Etc..I bought a collection of them while we were in California last fall, and Rowan claimed that book as her own. She cries if Saoirse touches it. She calls the book "mouse cookie." Last weekend they read it at story time at the Barnes and Noble by us, and Cookie Mouse came to the story-time and brought the kids a cookie. I figured we had to be there. It was like if the cast of Lost showed up at the movie store down the street, Chris and I would need to be there, you know? So we went. The girls loved it. Rowan wanted to touch the mouse a million times, she didn't really care for the story part, she just wanted to get to the mouse. They loved the drawing and the cookie, too.

Look at Saoirse sit so quietly and follow along in her book. :)

Here they are both listening. Don't they look teeny? Notice the other set of twins to their right. Isn't this generation strange? Is being a twin even going to seem unusual to them?