55 hours

That's how long the girls and I survived alone this week. We've been staying in G.R. with Mom & Bri, but we joined Chris in Ann Arbor this Thursday. We're not in our new house yet, just temporary housing. Anyway, though, what I was saying was that this week, Tuesday through Thursday, Chris was in A2 and Mom & Bri were up North...and it was me and the babies. Now, I know this may seem like no big deal to most people...since they are my children and all. But this is the first time I'd actually spent a night alone with them, let alone two in a row. Three days of lunches alone...two nights of baths and bed with just one parent...nighttime waking?..just me. Anyway, I'm glad to say that we all made it more or less intact. Bedtimes were not so fun. Saoirse really does not like to EVER be left alone, which makes it hard to take care of Rowan. And I noticed this week that I'm actually beginning to have bicep muscles again, regardless of the fact that I haven't been to the gym since before the girls were born. It's hard work carrying around two babies who are about to become toddlers.

Here's what we were up to while we were alone. The girls know where their snacks are stored in the cupboard, and they got out this box of teething biscuits on their own and had a feast. Honestly, even when I caught them I let them do it. Eating off the floor (and wasting about 6 teething biscuits) is cool with me if it gives me a few minutes of peace to wash bottles without them hanging on my pantlegs. Ahh...the price of peace. :)

The girls have both learned how to climb stairs. Of course, I follow behind them to catch them just in case. They're pretty proud of themselves. I'm amazed that my babies can climb stairs (!!!)

This is one of the little faces I see so so often. :) I'm sitting on the floor, she's on my lap, and yet apparently, it's just not close enough.



April 5, 2008 at 2:31 PM

Your girls are too cute!! This post made me laugh on a day that I needed it!! I found you through the nest... I also have twin girls who are 6 months old!! Just wanted to say thanks for the laugh!!

Debbie (Nestie Disney102399)