Saoirse's a silly girl...

We call both of the girls by nicknames a lot. Monkey, peanut, jumper (Rowan), Rotini (Rowan), Bean (Saoirse). One of the common ones I use for Saoirse, though, is "smiley." She has this huge smile, and a belly laugh that is as contagious as any I've heard. When we take the girls out, and people talk to them in their strollers, Saoirse is always grinning away at them. She's just such a sweet, happy girl. I think it's her smile, actually, that makes people compare her to her daddy.

One thing that goes along with this smiley personality is a tendency to be goofy. She's a clown, and she'll do just about anything for a laugh. Months ago, it became clear that she understood when she was getting attention and making us laugh. When she hits on something that made people laugh, her face lights up and she just does it over and over, laughing away like she's so proud of herself. She does it with Rowan, too. It's so cute to watch her clown around, playing peekaboo, or putting things on her head like a hat, or splashing in the bath, and just squealing when Rowan giggles at her.

When we were staying with Mom and Bri (also known as Grandma and Grandpa Haack), Saoirse learned a new trick from her grandma. She has long since made it her own, though. When you say, "Oh Saoirse, you're so silly!" she jerks her head around and rolls her eyes. The more you laugh, the more vigorous it gets. Yesterday I got some of it on video and thought people might like to see it:


  Harris Boys

April 24, 2008 at 2:42 PM

omg that video is so funny...she was going to town...great video!!