Wanna see our house?

So since we're in Ann Arbor now, we can stop over and check out how the construction is coming on the new house whenever we want to. Chris's parents were here today to see the girls, so we took them over to check it out. Luckily, some workers were there, so we even got to take them through the inside.

This is the outside, from the front.

Now I'm taking this photo from the foyer, Chris is walking from the great room into the dining room.

And this room is....ta da...my library!! It's small, but it's a library, people. The left hand wall will be covered with built in bookshelved. Of course, at first all that will be in this room will be books, because we don't have any furniture for it. But I have visions of cozy leather club chairs or a very comfy chaise lounge. Cuddly throws, and a place to put your feet up, and TONS of books. :)

We can't wait to get in. It's a little weird living in a place that used to be the model for a condo place. It was furnished for looks, not function. The bed in the guest room has a headboard that's not hooked on, it just leans on the wall and LOOKS like a headboard. And the phone keeps ringing off the hook (or it did until we unplugged it) with people looking to rent a condo. And seeing the house again just made me more anxious to get in. Still...we're in Ann Arbor. :) I went to Shaman Drum today, and we ate Indian food. Goodbye Indiana!!!



April 6, 2008 at 7:01 PM

Very nice!! I know when I was on here the other day you had Fiery Cross as one of your book selections on the side of your blog... Does that make sense?? Anyways... I LOVE the Outlander series!! Actually Fiery Cross is the only one I didn't read yet!! My SIL has been bugging me to read the first book for years. Finally I did and I couldn't put it down!! Even now, just the thought of Jamie makes my blood boil;) I would totally LOVE it if they made a movie based on those books!!