Busy week

I took the girls with me to vote on Tuesday. I was afraid of long lines, so I packed a bag full of snacks, toys, books, and sippy cups. Fortunately, we only spent 20 minutes there, although the girls did manage to go through several snacks in that time once they figured out that I had some. Mostly they tried to climb up to the top of their stroller and checked out the other people in line. They were obsessed for the rest of the day with my "I Voted" sticker, so I had to find some stickers to put on their shirts. All I had were some stuff I pulled off new clothes from the Gap. Luckily, they can't read, so they accepted the substitution. I know you can't really see Rowan's sticker, but it says "3 for $15." If only, right?

Wednesday Rowan, Saoirse, and I drove to Chicago to visit Grandma and Grandpa and see Saoirse's orthopedist. The appointment with Dr. Brown went well. He says her foot looks great, and the nurses were amazed at how much the girls had grown since they last saw them a few months ago.

After the appointment, we had an afternoon to kill while everyone was at work, so the girls and I headed to the outlet mall. Their favorite part was the little corral where there were cars that they could ride. Even after I ran out of quarters, they loved them. Actually, Saoirse liked them more when they weren't moving.

Later that night, Uncle Blake came out to the burbs for a visit. The girls were hilarious, running around and playing "boo" with him, giggling madly. Saoirse pretended to give him a stuffed dog of hers, then jerked it back and ran around squealing like she was the first person to ever think up that trick. I wish we lived closer to him so they could see him more often. Unfortunately, my camera died during that visit, so I have to wait for Blake to email me some from his camera, I'll post them later.

Now we're back in A2, back with Chris. Ready for a quiet weekend.



November 9, 2008 at 3:15 PM

Yea Saoirse! Congrats on the appointment :)

  Harris Boys

November 10, 2008 at 4:25 PM

great news about Saoirse's foot!

my boys love those cars in the mall too...but don't like when they move either...lol