If I do say so myself

I consider my first turn as a hostess of Thanksgiving dinner a success. I know I'm bragging, but since this blog also serves as a family journal/baby book of sorts, indulge me for a minute.


Turkey (brined for 36 hrs in a buttermilk/spice/apple brine)
Mashed potatoes with brown butter and scallions
Roasted squash and root vegetables with a maple syrup glaze
Green beans with roasted mushrooms/garlic/carmelized shallots/toasted hazelnuts
Baked beans
Cornbread stuffing with chestnuts, bacon, and dried apples
Cranberry relish
Buttermilk biscuits
But here's the part I'm really proud of. I made everything from scratch except the cranberry dressing. I spent two days cooking and baking. And it was worth it, because I think everything was so good.
For dessert there was pumpkin pie, apple pie, and some fantastic Christmas cookies that my mom made.
Saoirse has been refusing naps this week, probably because of the novelty of having Chris home with us, so she was exhausted most of the day. It was unlike her, she was as quiet as I've ever seen her, we thought she might even be getting sick. Then we all sat down to dinner, and it was the first time she'd been still all day. Before we even took a bite, she fell asleep in her high chair.

She woke up about the time we were finishing, and then decided she'd eat after all. After she took a few minutes to wake up, she was back to being herself. It's amazing how little sleep she needs to keep going. She shared her drink with Rowan. They're getting better every day at sharing with each other.

After dinner the girls just enjoyed hanging out, and they helped us put stuff away in the fridge.

Watching them run around squealing, getting grandparents to "chase" them, Saoirse wandering around the basement wearing her white silk scarf on her head like a ghost, seeing Rowan actually come into the other room to get Saoirse and seeing Saoirse follow her back out and play with her...these kids get better every day. So much to be thankful for.



November 28, 2008 at 7:30 PM

I'm glad that everything was ok during the dinner.

Have a nice weekend