Teething is no joke

I never really took it all that seriously before I had kids when people said their children were teething. I guess just because I took it for granted. Every person in the world gets teeth, after all. It just seemed so routine, how bad could it be?
Rowan never really has had all that much trouble, but Saoirse does drool and chew and sometimes get cranky. But today really topped it all. She was acting strange on Thanksgiving, but then when she passed out at the table I chalked it all up to exhaustion. But today she just wasn't herself right from the beginning, and by early afternoon she was in full meltdown phase. Screaming and sobbing until she hoarse, throwing herself on the floor, drooling by the gallon, totally inconsolable. When I managed to get my finger in her mouth, there were three molars breaking through the surface. So almost her whole mouth is swollen, no wonder she's in such pain. I lay down with her and finally got her to fall asleep, but she woke up screaming again after only about 45 minutes of fitful sleep. It was awful. Her pediatrician's office is totally closed on weekends, so it's pretty handy that Daddy is a dr. Once she started on some Tylenol-3 late this afternoon, life has been quieter. She even goofed around a little, and we were able to go to Toledo to meet some friends of ours. As Chris said, "Wow, that codeine really works!" Yes. And I have a new respect for teething.

Here's a picture of Saoirse once she got dosed enough to be calm:

And here she is getting ready to go visit our friends. Isn't she cute in that hat?


  Harris Boys

November 30, 2008 at 12:20 PM

poor baby. teething is so rough...esp. those molars!! nice to have a hubby as a dr. that comes in handy!