Random things

I don't have much a point to this post, other than to post some photos I like, so it's more of a jumble than a coherent post. The girls and I had a good week, but wow are toddlers tiring. (not news to most of the people reading this, I know) The weather turned this week, it's snowing outside right now. The one good thing about this is that Chris did not go to his soccer game that was scheduled for today, so we have him home with us all day. This is good news for the girls, they're all about daddy time. (I know it looks like Rowan is scowling in the second photo, but she's actually squinting because she doesn't like the flash going off).

Rowan and Saoirse and I did some shopping for Christmas this week. Normally I ignore the fact that Christmas is coming until about a week before the big day. But being a mom is changing that. The girls enjoy seeing the trees, and decorations, in the stores. And I'm enjoying planning ahead for the surprises waiting. We're even going to cut down our own tree this year. :)
The stuff the girls are doing amazes me more every day. I know, I sound like they invented this stuff, and it's just the normal process of growing up. But it's so astounding when they come up with something new. Yesterday while we were playing in their room before bed, Rowan found a broken off cap from a lotion bottle. She said "lid", crossed the room to the diaper changing basket and picked the correct lotion bottle and tried to put it back on! I just sat there with my mouth open. It's a cliche, I know. But to think of this little person being the same one that I sat next to while she slept in an incubator, unable to breathe without help, it blows me away. 18 months and 7 days ago, I only knew this little girl from her constant squirming inside my belly. And now look at her. :)

(she put that headband on herself, too)